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6th December 2017

My time in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka is coming to an end. Friday is the showing of work. This is a part of what I’ve been up to.

26th November 2017


15th November

Stepping and Flat Footing combined on a roof, street side, Sri Lanka.

11th November 2017

Hot and humid ponderings and wanderings, wandering and pondering. Each step a taste making wave of heat, wrapping itself gently about you.
The sea makes for loud noisy waves, where the br ave are carried on their flat vehicles, tossed about, to sometimes take an exhilarating ride, whilst sideways running creatures go about their business diving into perfect circles in the sand.
These can make for change, an impermanence, a shift a shudder. There is another guest along these tracks. An uninvited guest at the door of natures house.

We share a language, the language of want, this want strewn along the tracks and sands. This guest overstays its welcome. With excitement invited in and now this guest becomes tiresome, verbose, unsightly, hard to look at.
So too to look away and avoid its face.
Some of these guests care to stick around for 450 years, gathering to chatter expansively.

The sun sets from grey to pink, loud bangs and bright flashes, gentle wind. Nature’s great shower in the sky washes away the day.