Mark Vernon


Mark Vernon is a sound artist and radio producer based in Glasgow. His arts practice encompasses live performance, soundtracks, installations and radio broadcasts – often blurring the boundaries between art, music and broadcasting. His key areas of interest are the human voice, field recording and soundscape composition, musique concrète and the radiophonic combination of these elements in works for broadcast and live performance.

Mark has produced programmes and features internationally for radio stations including WFMU, RADIA, Resonance FM, CKUT, VPRO and the BBC. He has also been instrumental in setting up a number of temporary RSL (Restricted Service License) art radio stations in the UK including Hair Waves, Radio Tuesday and Nowhere Island Radio.

Together with Monica Brown he runs the ‘Lights Out Listening Group’ – a monthly listening event focused on creative uses of sound and radio that takes place in complete darkness. He also records and performs solo and in a variety of collaborative music projects including Vernon & Burns and Hassle Hound with record releases on Staalplaat, Ultra Eczema, Entr’acte, Staubgold and Gagarin Records.

Currently he is approaching completion of a two year period as digital artist in residence at Forth Valley Royal Hospital where he has been developing new audio works for the context of hospital radio.