New Residency in 2015


One week into the Sura Medura International Residency and 7 artists from 6 Countries are preparing for a series of presentations to students and artists in Colombo on the 17th November.

These presentations, which are organised with our partner Thenuwara Chandraguptha of the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Colombo, are a critical part of the residency, where Sura Medura artists share their artistic practise with their peers in Sri Lanka.

After the presentations, Matteo will lead workshops for students who will be invited to then join the residency and take part in a series of performances and exhibitions that will mark the end of the residency on the 11th and 12th December.

In the meantime, Juri is planning on building an orchestra of bamboo friction drums to emerge from the sea and Martin intends to turn a shipwrecked trawler into a musical instrument.

The tail end of the monsoon is creating waterfalls around our dinner, but the days remain dry-ish!

– Neil Butler (UZ Arts)