Residency Line Up Feb – March 2018


FEB – MAR 2018 Residency Line Up

To kick off 2018 and a brand new Sura Medura Residency we have invited 8 new artists to make new work, collaborate and be inspired by the beauty, culture, country and people of Sri Lanka.

Sleepdogs is a collaboration between director/producer Tanuja Amarasuriya and writer/composer Timothy X Atack. Working in theatre, film and other media, they believe art should “make you feel stuff.” and “create emotionally resonant experiences for audiences.” Both artist brought up far from their birth countries and so their work is influenced heavily by “ideas of place and culture-clash” often using humour and dark themes.

Rob Mulholland is a Scottish sculptor and environmental artist whose work explores the relationship between humans and the natural world. Often incorporating mirrored surfaces that reflect his sculptures’ surroundings literally, Mulholland alters perception and purposely distorts the space they inhabit; creating the need for the audience to question their environment.

Emma Brierley is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer working in visual arts and performance.

Periplum are Claire Raftery and Damian Wright, an English theatrical company, who produce ground-breaking site-responsive & outdoor theatre performance, making work that is narrative-led and content-driven while bringing the intimacy of human drama into shows of a spectacular scale.

Subathra Subramaniam is an English choreographer, dancer, educator and artistic director of Sadhana Dance. Navigating the confluence of arts and science drawing from her belief that dance, her choreography can play a part in the public understanding and engagement with scientific concepts.

Brian Hartley is a Scottish artist based in Glasgow, whose work is a combination of visual art, photography and design. Integrating these skills with his experience as a physical performer, Brian has created multi disciplinary collaborative performance works through his company stillmotion.