Residency Update: Kitt Johnson


“Kitt Johnson has been working in the village of Dodanduwa creating a tour. The result is an intimate and very special experience that reveals a side of Sri Lankan life rarely seen by visitors” Neil Butler

The Shramadane Tour. Dodandugoda. Orange Island, jungle side and late afternoon. Tuk tuk and tsunami boat wrecks. Coconut-fiber-presents. Eight villagers, three drama students and exchange of skills, open hearts and secret places. Nets to contain, nets to catch, sixteen broomes and one old cricket fan. Contemplation and coconut-swing,-ritual,-spotting. Shramadane* on temple slope.

Stretching, squeezing, decomposing time and space. Prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare – give in – give up – let go – with the flow.
Oh Lanka, my sweet Lanka namo – namo – namo namo Matha

*collective work

Kitt Johnson

Images © Kitt Johnson

Boy with Brooms © Kitt Johnson Family in home © Kitt Johnson Man in home © Kitt Johnson Mothers and children © Kitt Johnson