Sura Medura Winter Residencies for 2014 / 2015 Announced


UZ Arts are delighted to announce that they will be working with IN SITU to bring six European artists to Sura Medura Internationation Residency Centre through their Europeans Abroad fund. The residencies, which will take place in the winter of 2014/2015, will give the chosen artists the opportunity to explore and develop new work in response to their environment.

The international directors are:

Adrian Schvarzstein

Since 1989, Schvarzstein has been working as a clown, actor and theatre director after studying ‘Commedia Dell’Arte’ in Italy. Recent projects include the street theatre performance ‘Kamchatka’ (Miramiro Prize 2008) and directing the opera ‘La Barca’ in Holland. A Catalan by adoption, but really a mixture of various nationalities whose formation took place all over Europe, Schvarstein has spent his life avidly accumulating experiences and it would be difficult to find a field of artistic activity that does not interest him

Kitt Johnson

Danish dancer and choreographer Kitt Johnson has beeb developing her unique artistic universe for more than 25 years. Her style is at one minimalist, expressive and innovative. She has been artistic director of the company Kitt Johnson x-act since 1992. With this company she has created more than 50 productions nationally as well as internationally – her trademark is solo performance, but her repertoire is wide and also includes ensemble works, Cirque Nouveau, site-specific work and children’s performance. Kitt Johnson X-act also mounts and curates performance festivals with the company, including the site-specific MELLEMRUM biennale, contributing to her ambition to create a platform from which Danish and international performance art can engage in dialogue and share experience.

Alex Rigg

Alex studied Fine Arts at Glasgow School of Art and at the University of Ulster and has since had a prolific career in practising various art forms. As well as having thirty years of practical experience in building large-scale structures in timber, steel, cloth and stone, he has also been creating and delivering live events since 1982. Particularly iconic are the large-scale willow, steel and timber fire-sculptures that Alex and colleague Trevor Leat create together for festivals and events, including the Wickerman Festival and many par Hogmanay events. Similarly, his incredible work in physical theatre, dance, sculpture and design has been shown internationally, and his company Oceanallover has created many innovative events, bringing new audiences to physical performance.

Europeans Abroad aims to create bridges with artistic and cultural partners outside Europe in the form of residencies or co-productions. Calling on its experience throughout the European territory, the IN SITU network offers its partners and artists the opportunity to enhance their practices by discovering the realities of other continents.