Kit’s Blog – The Other Kwai


I’m into my final week of my residency here at the Sura Medura and wow has it gone by fast! These past few weeks particularly have been spent combing through all the footage I have recorded to produce a narrative that takes in the echo’s of the original Bridge on the River Kwai film which still resonate around Kitulagla and the whole of Sri Lanka 60 years after the film crew left.

The Other Kwai

This Saturday the 23rd of February I will be presenting my film ‘The Other Kwai’, 2013, in a purpose built outdoor cinema space at the Sunbeach Hotel in Hikkaduwa. ‘The Other Kwai’ will be presented at 9pm followed by a short Q&A discussion.

The Other Kwai Poster


If you happen to be in Hikkaduwa come on over!