Kyna Hodges


Kyna investigates versions of reality, through an exploration of our relationship with materials, technology and each other.

Utilising the senses, she aims to provide a space that both challenges and enables a rethinking of entrenched beliefs and patterns of thought and behaviour; a space that connects to, and has the potential for, creating new narratives for a more humane and sustainable future. 

Her projects usually consists of three elements: photography, sculpture and connection/collaboration, combined into one project or addressed separately. More specifically, she works with one of the oldest photographic processes called wet plate collodion. She is interested in this process because it is slow and physical in its creation, each image is unique and it shows the movement of chemicals across a metal plate and it reveals elements of the environment that it was taken in. Imperfect and lasting, it is the antithesis of the ‘selfie’ and consumerist culture.