Residency Line Up Nov – Dec 2018


NOV – DEC 2018 Residency Line Up

Exciting new developments are afoot with new residency artists announced at Sura Medura and The Snowball Effect project about to take flight. Stay tuned for more information soon.

UZ Arts are delighted to announce the next artists in residence at Sura Medura, Sri Lanka artist residency centre.

Zephyr Liddell Zephyr Liddell is a designer based in Glasgow, Scotland. Zephyr works with textiles, through fashion and live performance, using traditional and digital techniques. Her work involves finding innovative ways to dress and fabricate with materials, making space for movement and decorating space, using a material led design practice. From a shared studio in Glasgow she works collaboratively with artists and designers of all forms, facilitates creative workshops and works freelance as a Stage & Project Manager.

Dave House Dave House is an electronic musician, sound artist and graphic designer based in Edinburgh. He is the founder of The Noisefloor, a DIY music studio in Leith, and a tutor at Edinburgh College of Art.

CocoLoco Cocoloco is a performance company based in London, run by Trevor Stuart and Helen Statman, specialising in dramatic and comical street actions based on eccentric or stereotypic characterization and in bizarre and shocking theatrical shows. Cocoloco believe in the possibility that visual art and entertainment can join in harmony in most public situations, in a manner that can be understood by all ages and nationalities. The aim is to amuse but always with an intelligent structure; it may seem like simple fun but there will always be a hidden layer of sophistication. Cocoloco like to use humour as a device and are very informed by psychology and the cinema.

The end of Sura Medura residency exhibition will be in Hikkaduwa 7-9th December. Keep up to date with the artists’ blogs and work during the November/December residency at the Sura Medura website.