The Snowball Effect


Identity & Movement

An IN SITU production Co-produced by UZ Arts (Scotland), Atelier 231 (France), La Strada Graz (Austria), Ctyri Dny (Czech Republic), Festival di Terni (Italy

Devised at Sura Medura by Matteo Lanfranci (Italy) and Neil Butler (Scotland) with Fabrice Depprois – Visual Artist (France), Aneta Fodorová – Performer, Dramaturge (Czech Republic), Florent Mehmeti – Performer/writer (Kosovo), Sita Pieraccini – Performer/Musician (Scotland), Zephyr Liddell – Sculpture/Costume (Scotland), Dave House – Sound Artist (Scotland) with Sri Lankan artists and performers.

Drawing upon Matteo Lanfranchi’s, “Mnemosyne Emotional maps” developed at Sura Medura and Stormo (Flock) an exploration of the movement of birds.

To be performed in Sri Lanka on 7-9th December 2018 and re-imagined in the UK, France, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic in 2019/20 – adapting to each socio-political environment, accumulating momentum, artists, performers and the public.

STORMO/Flusso @Assab One 2017 from Effetto Larsen on Vimeo.